Our Services


The Firm represents clients in most any real estate related matters, both commercial and residential. The Firms’ clients include high net worth individuals and corporations most of the major conventional residential mortgage lenders within the Unites States as well as numerous private mortgage lenders. Additionally, The Firm represents purchasers and sellers of both commercial and residential real estate within New York and New Jersey. The Firm’s partners both have extensive and varied experience with even the most complex forms of commercial transactions and are equipped to prepare the documentation for the most demanding of deals. The Firm also has a department entirely devoted to the formation and development of condominium projects and boasts a very high rate of success and quick time frames for the necessary attorney general approvals. The Firm also assists clients in forming, acquiring and selling a whole host of corporate entities including but not limited to C-Corporations, S-Corporations and Limited Liability Companies and can form same in any state the client instructs. Additionally, The Firm forms religious and not-for-profit corporations for whom The Firm regularly seeks applications from the New York State Attorney General’s Office and The New York State Supreme Court for court orders granting said entities leave to mortgage and sell real property.


The Firm represents its clients on a host of commercial litigation matters including but not limited to prosecution and defense of mortgage foreclosure actions, filing and foreclosing of mechanics liens, contract disputes and general motion practice within the state courts. The Firm continues to enjoy growth in this area as its reputation of employing skilled and professional litigators spreads.

Estate/Tax Planning

The Firm provides an additional service to its high net worth clients by aiding them in making the most informed decisions as to how to structure their estates and portfolios for current and estate tax purposes. As part of its services, clients of the Firm will have their wills drafted and in instances where it is beneficial to the Client, the Firm is highly skilled at preparing both revocable and non-revocable trusts as well as living trust and health care proxies on behalf of its clients and their family members.

Local Court Appearance

Over the last several years, demand has grown for local attorneys to appear on behalf of larger firms, particularly in foreclosure related matters, at court appearances and settlement conferences. In response, the Firm has adapted its existing practices and disciplines in order to accommodate this growing need. The Firm employs experienced litigation counsel who are knowledgeable and familiar with the part rules of the various court venues in which they routinely practice and are accustomed to the distinct methods employed by the individual judges and court appointed referees with whom they come into contact on a daily basis. Our clients also enjoy the confidence an assurance that comes with the fact that our appearing attorneys are continuously updating their knowledge of the ever-changing federal and state laws governing residential mortgage and subprime mortgage foreclosures and are fully prepared to address the issues that arise in such matters. here.